My Weekend At The Spa


Last weekend myself, my mum and my sisters enjoyed a birthday treat at the Life House Spa in Essex. This was a late birthday present for my mum. We were booked in for two treatments, access to the spa and gym and also a 3-course meal and breakfast. The weekend consisted of eating and drinking way too much, being pampered from head to toe and lots and lots of memories.

I’ve been to this spa twice now and both times have had massages. The first time I came I had a back massage which was perfect as I suffer quight bad with my back. This time I had a Clarins full body massage. It was sooo relaxing. I had a few knots in my back which I could really feel when she was getting them out, but other than that there was nothing but relaxation. I’m not 100% which products were used but my skin has never felt softer and not to seem up myself but I smell amazing!

The second treatment I had was a Clarins facial. I pointed out to the person who did the facial that I had quite dry skin so she concentrated on rehydrating my skin and I can feel it working.  The facial consisted of many different creams, exfoliation and a mask. They also placed I believe a lavender bean bag type thing over my eyes which has made them feel very hydrated. There was also a head massage included which was my favourite thing as I love people massaging my head!

We also took full advantage of the spa, which had a pool, jacuzzi, Sauna, Steam Room and Salt steam room (I believe it’s called).

There was also dinner and breakfast included! For dinner I started with a mozzarella salad which was perfect the dressing was lovely. For main I had my go too which was a medium-rare sirloin with sweet potato fries! Was to die for and for Dessert I had ice cream! All this was with a few cranberry and vodkas aswell!

I also picked up a few goodies including a water bottle, Clarins smoothing body cream, Clarins body spray and a Clarins candle. Also took full advantage of the fluffy soft free slippers which I have been wearing 24/7.

Over all the spa was lovely and can’t wait for my next trip!

My Top 8 Netflix Shows

Just like everyone else in the world seems to, I love relaxing after a long day by watching Netflix, or on an early morning when I’ve just woken up, or while I’m eating dinner, or any free second I have in my life. Ok, I think I’m obsessed…

It seems to be a popular thing in the blog world to share your favourite Netflix shows, so here are my top 8!

Number 8 – Rick and Morty

Image result for rick and morty My boyfriend first introduced me to this show and at first, I wasn’t sure and didn’t really get it. But over time and a lot of questions I’ve actually started to understand it more and more and grown to like it. It kinda reminds me of a mix between the Simpsons and family guy. But it’s definitely something that will make you laugh.

Number 7 – Peaky Blinders

Image result for peaky blinders

Peaky Blinders is an absolute favourite! I love everything about the show, they’re accents, the story lines and how can you not love the actors? It’s definitely a must watch if you like gangster/action films and is very interesting.

Number 6 – Gavin and StacyImage result for gavin and stacey

Gavin and Stacy has been a favourite of mine for years, and the fact it’s on Netflix makes my obsession with it so much bigger. Smithy played by James Corden is hilarious and if I’m honest makes the whole show. From the shows hilarious one liners to the most heartbreaking scenes will have you engrossed until you finish the whole thing.

Number 5 – Californication

 Image result for californacation

From this show, I have fallen in love with a womanising drunk writer who 100% has commitment issues. But how can you not fall in love with Hank Moody? This show makes me cry with laughter. My favourite feature of the show is that every character gets their own storyline which are mad and funny!

Number 4 – Orange Is The New Black

Image result for orange is the new black

I can’t even with this show. The fact that the writers make us wait a year everytime kills me! This show is very important, it makes you cry with laughter and rips your heart out all in 50 minutes. My most favourite part of the show is the way it brings forward real life issues both in and out of prison and shows how much change needs to happen. It’s definitely a must watch for both the funny scenes and the heart-wrenching ones.

Number 3 – Gossip Girl.

chuckand blaire.jpg

My sister introduced me to this show and much like Californication, this show has also shown me that I’m in love with a womanising drunk called Chuck Bass. But let’s face it  I think every girl in the world is? The relationship between him and Blair is obsessive! I would want just a Chuck and Blair spin off because I’m so obsessed with their upper east side lives!

Number 2 – Pretty Little Liars

Image result for pretty little liars

I know the last episode 100% wasn’t what any of us wanted, but you have to admit the show was amazing up to that point. Every episode had you on the edge of your seat screaming at the tv to know who A was. It was an escape goat that made me want to watch over and over again. Don’t get me wrong I’m still so pissed at who A was!

Number 1 – Gilmore Girls

Image result for gilmore girls

I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SHOW! I have watched this show too many times to count. The relationship between Lorelai and Rory I feel is shaping me to become the perfect mother. From the best one liners in any tv show to the fast pace script, if you watch just one episode you’ll have to watch them all. I will honestly be disappointed if they don’t make another series and just leave us on that cliff hanger!

So they’re my top 8, I haven’t got the American Netflix and I’ve heard it’s 100x better than the English so I’m praying Netflix will give us more soon. But I hope you liked it and let me know if any of these shows are your favourites also!




Eyeshadow Must Haves

Ok, I can admit it… I am an eyeshadow hoarder.

makeup post_edited-1

Over the past few month’s eyeshadow has become part of my daily routine. I love playing with the different colours whether it’s a warm orange and pink combination or an icy dark blue, I’m forever trying new combos.

Here are a few of my favourite pallets!

Kat Von D – Shade Light 

make up_edited-1This is my favourite pallet because of the warm colours. I am hugely into a light warmth combination at the moment. The colours Succubus and Samael work perfectly for this. But my favourite shade is Solas as it works well in the crease. This palette is great for a dramatic look.

Urban Decay – Naked 2

make up post 3_edited-2

As you can see I have used this pallet a lot. This was my first ever Urban Decay purchase and I’ve never looked back. My favourite shades in this pallet Tease and Snakebite I love combining them together. It’s a must for me when going on a night out.

Urban Decay – Naked 3

make up post 2_edited-2

This pallet is perfect for a warm summer look. The pinks and golds are a must. I love using this palette if I’m off to a barbeque or festival as they can make a perfect dramatic summer look. The darker colours are also great for a smokey look.

Another product I wanted to mention is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

I love this product as it’s a great primer to use on a long day out. I’ve also found it a great use on if your in a hot place and your face is melting (We’ve all been there)

So these are some of my favourites. Are they yours?

Tattoo Addiction

To some people, the thought of getting a tattoo is an infinite no. To others, it’s like a drug you’re hooked on. I’m part of the second population. Getting a tattoo to me is an adrenaline rush like no other. From the moment I walk into the shop and hear the buzz from the tattoo gun I’m excited.

I have a total of 4 tattoos. My first was a bow on my wrist which I got at a very young age and hope to get covered up in the future. The second is a dream catcher on my neck which I got when I was 18. The third I got this year which is my favorite. It’s a diamond on my ribs with roses in. I love this one the most because it has so much detail and I think it’s very pretty. The 4th I got in May in Ibiza (I know what everyone’s thinking but I wasn’t drunk) it’s a tiny elephant on my ankle. I got this because I’ve always loved elephants and they hold so much meaning to me.

A lot of people say you shouldn’t get tattoos because of future jobs and indecisiveness and that can be true in some circumstances. But I have never worked at a company where my manager hasn’t had tattoos or the owner hasn’t had tattoos. Also as previously mentioned I have no problem with getting cover ups.But everyone is entitled to their own opinion!

I defiantly want more in the future as I find them addictive! What do you think?