Eyeshadow Must Haves

Ok, I can admit it… I am an eyeshadow hoarder.

makeup post_edited-1

Over the past few month’s eyeshadow has become part of my daily routine. I love playing with the different colours whether it’s a warm orange and pink combination or an icy dark blue, I’m forever trying new combos.

Here are a few of my favourite pallets!

Kat Von D – Shade Light 

make up_edited-1This is my favourite pallet because of the warm colours. I am hugely into a light warmth combination at the moment. The colours Succubus and Samael work perfectly for this. But my favourite shade is Solas as it works well in the crease. This palette is great for a dramatic look.

Urban Decay – Naked 2

make up post 3_edited-2

As you can see I have used this pallet a lot. This was my first ever Urban Decay purchase and I’ve never looked back. My favourite shades in this pallet Tease and Snakebite I love combining them together. It’s a must for me when going on a night out.

Urban Decay – Naked 3

make up post 2_edited-2

This pallet is perfect for a warm summer look. The pinks and golds are a must. I love using this palette if I’m off to a barbeque or festival as they can make a perfect dramatic summer look. The darker colours are also great for a smokey look.

Another product I wanted to mention is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

I love this product as it’s a great primer to use on a long day out. I’ve also found it a great use on if your in a hot place and your face is melting (We’ve all been there)

So these are some of my favourites. Are they yours?



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