My favourite weekend breaks!

Everyone loves a good weekend away, weather it's just traveling down the road or going abroad there's nothing like relaxing and having a few days off.

A few of my favourite places to visit for a long weekend are Amsterdam, London, and Prague. I have listed a few reasons why below…

I visited Amsterdam a few years ago with my sisters for one of their birthdays. The city is amazing to explore weather your on foot on in a boat along the canals, it's all breath taking! It's very cheap as well so is perfect for a little get away. Some of my favourite things I did were the river boat canal, the trams and having coffee in the little cafes. I would love to visit again and go to the Anne Frank museum and also hire out a bike.

I visited Prague earlier this year with my boyfriend for a Christmas present and I have never experience anything quite like it. Trekking up to find the perfect view of the city, visiting under ground bars and dancing and singing in Irish bars were just a few of my favourite memories. There is plenty to do out there including a glow in the dark golf course! I will certainly be visiting again.

I live just a few hours outside of London so visit frequently, and every time I do I get the same buzz. The rush of everyone running round and seeing how busy and exciting it is are some of my favourite things. If you do visit I would suggest going to see a Westend show, I've seen both Wicked and The Lion King and we're both exceptional. You also have to visit Camden market which have some of the best beer gardens and food!

I am looking to book up another weekend away, suggestions and experiences are needed!

My Everyday Products

We all have our go to quick and easy products for our day to day lives. Here are a few of mine.

For the eyes if I'm just having an easy day, haven't really got too much time to do my make up I usually go for light pinks. This normally means I use my Naked 3 pallet using a blend of the shades Limit and Nooner. There always give me a more natural look which I love. If I'm feeling eyeliner I usually use urban decays razor sharp liquid eyeliner. I find this very easy to use and it lasts for a long time.

I use Sephora's Full Action mascara which I picked up in Prague. This has lasted a long time and I feel it gives me great length on my eyelashes. I am also obsessed with Sephoras blush which I use daily!

For my lips I use Too Faced Lip Injection lip plumper. I LOVE THIS! I do have very small lips which I hate, and I feel that this gloss makes my lips look more plumped and fuller.

For my eyebrows I've been using Rimmels Brow This Way. I love this as it gives me just the right shade for my brows and really fills in the gaps.

I also thought I'd include my favourite body mist which is Victoria Secrets Sheer Love. It's defiantly in my daily routine as it's always in my bag.

Are any of these part of your daily routine?